A Perfectly Fine Kettle of Fish!

Kitchen from A Perfectly Fine Kettle of Fish by Marit Cooper

This was a project that was long in the making. The idea for the story came to me around 2017 and was inspired by an illustration I did many years ago for the prompt “kettle of fish”. I drew it as a teapot with fishes poking out of it and it occurred to me that this very literal way of interpreting sayings is also the way that children sometimes perceive things.

If I was a child and I heard the phrase “a kettle of fish” that would probably get my imagination going (just as it has now) and would probably end in a game.

Lookout from A Perfectly Fine Kettle of Fish by Marit Cooper

‘A Perfectly Fine Kettle of Fish’ is about a little girl who comes home from school and sees her mother’s heirloom copper kettle. She imagines it filled with fishes (five of them to be exact) and she begins to play. The story takes her through dinner, bath and up till bedtime, all the while playing an imaginary game with her imaginary fish friends. They go on an adventure in the bath tub (that is transformed into the sea) restoring a stolen treasure to her friend the lionfish.

I’m so proud of my daughter for the work that she did writing this book based on my concept. She really brought the characters to life and gave them very distinct personalities.

This book is now published on Amazon on Kindle and in paperback. We have several more stories planned and I can’t wait to get started with the artwork!

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