Vintage Astrology

This was a project I’ve been planning to do for a long time. I love looking at examples of The Book of Hours. These are beautifully illustrated devotional books popular in the Middle Ages, each one a unique hand drawn work of art. They are filled with images to signify the changing seasons or illustrating the hymns and prayers contained therein. I started sketching the zodiac signs based on how they illustrated them back then but as the work progressed I made them slightly more realistic (honestly, that is what a real centaur looks like!).



In the end I didn’t think that the putty angels worked and I didn’t want to use the naked boys fighting that seemed to be the popular way of depicting Gemini back in the Middle Ages, so I went for a couple of fully clothed (slightly scary looking) girls instead. Incidentally, the background colour is the Pantone colour of the year – Classic Blue


Zodiac Signs
As I am writing this I’m still in the process of uploading and editing on Society6, but it should all be available soon if you would like a matching coffee mug and backpack. I would get the set myself if I was a Pisces (that is my personal favourite), but unfortunately I’m a Leo…

This wall mural is now available from Society6.