I Survived a Night at the Zoo – Scout Badge

Tamworth District Scouts approached me with a request to design a special badge to award to attendees of the first district sleepover, one hundred children were going to spend the night at Twycross Zoo.

They already had a pretty good idea of what they wanted; it had to have a sleeping monkey on it and it had to be cute.

t-shirt sketch

Original concept sketch

Badge sketch

Original idea sketch for the monkey


Because I knew the badge would be either woven or embroidered I felt I had to keep the detail to a minimum. There was also the possibility that there would be a t-shirt printed so I decided to create the larger image which could work as a t-shirt design and cut out the badge shape from that. If at all possible this is usually the way I work – think of the various ways a client may want to take the design and make allowances for that. It’s easier to crop an image than it is to enlarge it at a later date. Working in Adobe Illustrator meant it was possible to change the position of certain elements in the cropped image to make it work better in the round format.


T-shirt design

Badge Idea

Final badge design


The client chose a green background to strengthen the connection with monkeys in the wild and nature.

I was amazed at the amount of detail that came out in the finished badge. Next time I won’t be so worried about not being able to incorporate small patterns and lines.

Finished Badge