Cirque De Gateley

In 2019 I was asked (for the third time consecutively) to do the illustrations and graphic design for the biannual Gateley firm wide party. Gateley Plc is a leading legal and professional services group which currently employs around 1000 people.

The party was organised by the amazing company The Eventologists, the  number of guests was around 630.

Deliverables consisted of posters,  invitation “tickets”, raffle tickets, leaflet, seating plan, floor vinyl for the dance floor, welcome signs, door signs, place cards, drinks labels for the cocktail jugs and wrist bands, graphics for digital displays and Intranet announcements. I also created a bespoke display font for the party logo and signage. The colour scheme throughout was red, white and blue with gold details.


Dining Area

Dining area with vinyl floor design in foreground.

Floor design with Duo Adagio

Vinyl dance floor design with Duo Adagio.

Event Guide Cover - Edited

Event Guide Cover Design.

Event Guide Leaflet

Event Guide Leaflet display on table in the reception are of the ICC.

Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign/Poster displayed in the reception area of the ICC.

Table Plan

The table plan was printed on foam board and displayed on easels around the reception area.

Dress up area

Dress up area for guests with seating plan displayed.

Tiger Cage

Tiger Cage With Signage.


Entrance signage for the dining area.


Back in the studio after the event.