Sherwood Play

Caleb Quinones and Reagan Tayler started their company Sherwood Play because they were weary of seeing all the children around them constantly glued to their phones, and having very few options except toys made out of plastic, mostly ones that made terrible digital sounds! They wanted to find a way to recapture that sense of wonder and adventure that they had felt when they were kids, leading pretend armies, running through the jungles of their imagination. Read more >>

Twentyone Olive Trees

Twentyone Olive Trees: A Mother’s Walk through the Grief of Suicide to Hope and Healing was a project that was deeply moving for me. Nothing could have prepared Laura Formentini for the shocking news of her son’s death by suicide. Seeking solace during her time of grief, Laura turned inward to transform her pain and shock into healing and peace. She accomplished this by writing letters, poems, and fables to her son, Blaise, in the year after his untimely death. Read more >>

A Perfectly Fine Kettle of Fish

Kitchen from A Perfectly Fine Kettle of Fish by Marit Cooper

This is a project that’s been long in the making, the idea for the story came to me around 2017 and was inspired by an illustration I did many years ago for the prompt “kettle of fish”. I drew it as a teapot with fishes poking out of it and it occurred to me that this very literal way of interpreting sayings is also the way that children sometimes perceive things. Read more >>

Vintage Astrology

This was a project I had been planning to do for a long time. I love looking at examples of The Book of Hours. These are beautifully illustrated devotional books popular in the Middle Ages, each one a unique hand drawn work of art. They are filled with images to signify the changing seasons or illustrating the hymns and prayers contained therein. I started sketching the zodiac signs based on how they illustrated them back then but as the work progressed I made them slightly more realistic (honestly, that is what a real centaur looks like!). Read more >>

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